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good morning, america. this morning, dna match. tests confirm the man accused of holding three women against their will for a decade fathered a child with one of the victims. and the last captive, the woman held longest in that house of horrors, leaves the hospital. a killer connection? mounting evidence the suspected boston bombers were involved in the gruesome murders of three men in 2011. drugs and cash were involved. find out why police believe there's a link. look at this lightning strike caught on camera. a home rocked. one of thousands of lightning strikes in the last 24 hours along with more than a hundred reports of severe weather. where are these spring storms headed now?
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♪ born to be wild and an amazing bear's eye view of the world from dumpster diving to finding dandelions. we'll tell you why one state went to such extremes to learn what these big guys do all day. ♪ hey, good morning, everybody. happy saturday morning. lots to get to this morning including a look at the jodi arias murder scene. a unique look that not even the jury got to see. "20/20's" elizabeth vargas and dan abrams taking us inside an exact replica of the room where arias killed her ex-boyfriend five years ago. >> yeah, prosecutors always focused on 70 seconds of what took place in that room. it's captivated the nation. also, outrage over what's being served at a restaurant in florida. listen to this, tacos filled with lion meat. the place also serves other exotic entrees including
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gazelle, camel and kangaroo, and it's the lion causing the big uproar. we'll take you there, and obviously you'll have to make a pit stop at the atm. this is not cheap. >> i can't believe it's legal. honestly i can say i'm not down on lion tacos. also this morning, check out this fight between two teenage girls caught on camera. so why is their school bus driver now facing charges? more on this bizarre and many people believe infuriating case coming up here on "gma," but we're going to start here with those new details out of cleveland, michelle knight, the first woman to be held captive in that house at 2207 seymour avenue, is now the last to leave the hospital. >> also this morning, police are confirming the suspect, ariel castro, fathered the 6-year-old girl born in captivity. abc's alex perez has been on the story from the beginning and joins us from cleveland with the latest now. alex. >> reporter: well, good morning, bianna. good morning, dan. this is the first saturday morning in nearly a decade that these three young women are not being held hostage, and right now the focus is on remembering
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what exactly normal feels like. [ sirens ] overnight five days after finding freedom, michelle knight finally leaving the hospital. >> it's just too much overwhelming knowing she's released and that possibly i might get to see my granddaughter again. >> reporter: for now it's unclear where knight is staying. the hospital saying only that she's in good spirits and asking for privacy. with michelle, amanda berry and gina dejesus now all out of the hospital, gina's mother is inviting michelle to stay with them. >> ariel castro. >> reporter: the man accused of chaining and locking up all three women in this house for ten years is spending his first weekend behind bars. the infamous house on seymour street now being boarded up. this time not to hide horrors but to protect evidence that authorities say will help convict ariel castro. and dna tests performed by ohio's top crime lab now confirm castro is the father of berry's 6-year-old daughter born while the women were being held hostage. all three abducted within five
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blocks of each other on this stretch of lorain avenue in cleveland. reporter paul kiska covered the case and the search for our cleveland affiliate wews from day one. >> it was eerie. it was eerie, and the community turned out in force. it just gripped the city. there was a lot of fear. >> reporter: fear that for craig brown and many others still feel fresh. >> i don't really trust people like that anymore, and, you know, i have a girlfriend that has children, and we talk about all the time, don't trust anyone like that, you know, because you don't know who you're dealing with. you don't know what their character is like. >> reporter: and we've learned this morning that ariel castro has formally obtained an attorney, a private attorney, not a public defender. investigators say they will spend as much time as it takes to determine every detail on what exactly happened here. dan? >> it's going to be a tough case to defend. alex perez, thank you for your reporting this morning. and this morning we have a new wrinkle in the case of the
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two brothers accused of boinatn. police now say they have, quote, mounting evidence possibly linking the tsarnaevs to an unsolved triple homicide involving drugs and cash. this as we learn that the older brother tamerlan was buried in secret far from boston. and abc's gio benitez is here with the story. good morning. >> dan, good morning to you. the murders we're talking about happened on september 11th, 2011. it's been a cold case ever since but right now investigators are poring through the evidence, and wait till you see what they're finding. this morning investigators tell abc news there is mounting evidence that both tsarnaev brothers may have had something to do with the murders of three men, brendan mess, erik weissman and raphael teken. the killing back in 2011 had no leads. >> they're looking for two assailants. investigators telling us it was random. >> it was graphic. all three men were killed by sharp wounds to their neck area. >> reporter: the bodies were covered in marijuana, $5,000 in
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cash nearby. one of the victims, brendan mess, had been roommates with tamerlan. the two were reportedly even training partners for boxing and mixed martial arts. now investigators tell abc news crime scene forensic evidence seems to point to the two tsarnaev brothers, and we're told cell phone records show the tsarnaevs were in the area during the day of the murders. dylan mess remembers his brother. >> always happy, always had a smile on his face. you know, he had a big heart. he was a warrior. >> reporter: investigators don't have enough evidence to charge the surviving tsarnaev brother, dzhokhar, for the murders. the new info comes just hours after tamerlan's body was secretly buried at a small muslim cemetery in virginia. on thursday. overnight the woman who volunteered to find the burial plot spoke out. >> we need to remember that we are all human, and we need to remember our common humanity. >> reporter: and back to that 2011 murder case, our sources
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say until more definitive dna testing is complete, it is too early still to consider bringing an indictment against dzhokhar. >> three families waiting for answers. gio, thank you. >> thanks, gio. now to ron claiborne for a look at the top stories developing right now. hey there, ron. >> hey there, bianna and dan. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news. a tense standoff in new jersey this morning. a man barricaded himself inside of a trenton home with multiple hostages. two people are reportedly dead inside that house, a woman and child. police are in contact with him and trying to get him to surrender peacefully. and new developments this morning in that massive fertilizer plant explosion in west, texas. state law enforcement officials have launched a criminal investigation into the blast almost a month after it killed 14 people and devastated the town. the explosion had mainly been treated as an industrial accident. a task force in newtown, connecticut, has made its recommendation for the fate of sandy hook elementary school. the group voted unanimously friday night to tear down the school where 26 students and
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adults were killed late last year and to build a new school on the same site. next the local school board will decide whether to follow that recommendation. and fresh evidence this morning that years of efforts to reduce carbon emissions believed responsible for climate change are failing to get the job done. new numbers show that carbon dioxide levels have reached a troubling new milestone and the highest level in at least 3 million years. scientists believe those high levels will lead to major and potentially catastrophic changes in the climate globally and rising sea levels. and a washington state man led a long-running dispute with his neighbors. he went on a rampage allegedly with a bulldozer friday and damaged, police say, four homes, destroyed a pickup truck -- bianna shaking her head here -- and knocked over a utility pole temporarily cutting off you power to thousands. no one hurt and the man arrested. and finally, a little justice for sports fans who felt they were on the wrong side of a blown call by an umpire for a referee.
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major league baseball has suspended an umpire for two games after his crew blew a call in a game on thursday. it was the second straight night that umps messed up. on wednesday another umpire and crew missed a clear home run. i don't know how they do these things. but you know what, i've been down on umps a number of times, a big baseball fan, but when you look at replays, the vast majority of time they get it right, so we all make mistakes. >> and a lot of times they get it wrong. >> i made a mistake in 1987, i remember it. >> well, you owned up to it. >> good thing. >> was a bulldozer involved? >> anger management. >> odd ly enough, it was. >> all right, ronment >> just kidding, america. >> of course, you're kidding. well, there is some wild weather in the southwest to tell you about this morning. an unbelievable lightning show caught on camera in houston. much of the city found itself underwater, and for more on the severe spring weather, we go to meteorologist ginger zee. hey, ginger. >> good morning to you. there were more than 107 reports just yesterday. when we're talking about severe weather, it's been a little bit
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of a slow spring, but look at this, in the northeast you have one pocket then, of course, in texas and where there are severe storms is lightning. listen to this. >> lightning. >> that is lightning and thunder, you're right, ron claiborne. he's good. down there and on top of that that was around houston. you had water, tons of energy rushing under the streets and then this happened. so a crazy day in the houston area. had that manhole popping up and then, of course, that other possible severe weather happened in the northeast, and we've got pictures, hail from western new york, and that's what it looks like all in pennsylvania and new york too. let's go ahead and talk about who is going to be on tap for severe weather today because that's what we have to be concerned with. the same cold front now pushes to the east. and here's who you have to look out for. i'd say any p where from the mid-atlantic, norfolk, excuse me, wilmington, the carolinas into parts of south texas and, of course, eastern
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florida, so jacksonville going to be in those thunderstorms, as well. so there's severe weather potential that continues today. it would be mostly damaging wind and hail but, remember, lightning, one of the bigger killers too. i'll be back with the nation's forecast but for now back to dan and bianna. >> all right, ginger, we'll see you a little bit later. prince harry is waking up in the mountain time zone this morning. here he is at a cocktail parove. last time he was in this part of the world, you may remember, it got a bit wild. there was that lost weekend in vegas, but this time around things are very different, and abc's lama hasan, usually in london, is on this side of the pond covering the story. >> yes, good morning to you. >> great to see you. >> great to see you too. it's a treat to be here so thank you for having me. well, day three on the prince's u.s. tour, and he's in denver, colorado, today. since he's kicked off his trip, all eyes have been on harry to see what he gets up to and if he misbehaves. well, i can safely say apart from unleashing that unbridled british charm, it's been all business. prince harry's tour of america headed out west last night. his latest stop, denver, colorado. his royal highness charmed the
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crowd of politicians, ceos and dignitaries. one congressman even teased him about his way with the ladies. one very special lady, four-time olympic gold medal winner, missy franklin, got an extraordinary 18th birthday treat as the prince joined in a sing-a-long with everyone to wish her a happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you >> meeting prince harry on my 18th birthday made it extremely special. i absolutely love the royal family. i think they're incredible, and to have this opportunity to meet him incredible. such an amazing guy, he was so nice, so funny, so down to earth and i think everyone here really enjoyed meeting him. >> reporter: harry is spending a couple of days in colorado springs to watch the warrior games where wounded veterans from the u.s. and britain will compete, supporting and championing their cause, which was on full display when the warrior prince was touring the walter reed medical center
7:13 am
before leaving washington, d.c., on friday, listening to their battle stories and cheering them on. support and comfort from this soldier to the other. well, the prince will be spending an entire day at the warrior games today meeting the wounded soldiers and competing and, of course, going to lunch before the opening ceremony, and just one note, check this tweet out to see the harry charm in full effect. missy franklin writing "and the perfect way to end my 18th birthday, meeting prince harry." and just you can see her swoon in that picture. >> exciting. >> prince charming striking again. >> it is. >> he's going to be a cool uncle. >> yeah. >> i think so too. >> a hip uncle. >> a few more trips like this, and we may forget about the whole party boy thing. >> i think so. >> all right, lama, thank you. as you know, school yard fights are not unusual, but in florida this morning there is an uproar over this fight right here between two teenage girls caught on camera. >> and here's why, a school bus driver is under arrest and charged with child abuse for allegedly arranging this fight. abc's john schriffen is here with the details. hey, john.
7:14 am
>> hey, bianna, dan, good morning. imagine sending your kids to school only to have the bus driver encourage fighting and then authorities say she told the students -- get this -- what happens on the bus stays on the bus, but when just about every child has a cell phone these day, parents and the local sheriff's office soon saw the whole thing. some might say school yard fights are just part of growing up. but this is no school yard. authorities say it's actually the school bus driver's front yard. this morning, that driver, 29-year-old patrice sanders, is in jail because authorities say she is the one who set this fight up. >> come on, girl. what are you thinking? how in the world could you allow and promote and encourage children to fight? >> reporter: the brawl was captured on video by another student as kids rush off the bus
7:15 am
to watch the two girls, ages 13 and 16, punching, kicking and pulling each other's hair. watch as one of the girls throws the other into a barbecue grill. authorities in florida say it all started thursday on the ride home from school when sanders saw the two girls arguing in the back of the bus. the driver allegedly telling the girls, "this is going to be handled today. they need to fight." >> the 13-year-old is telling them "i don't want to fight." >> reporter: sanders allegedly skipped the rest of the stops driving 20 miles straight to her house and ordered all 34 students off the bus, even offering the two scrapping girls vaseline or baby oil so they wouldn't get their faces scratched. the sheriff's office says once the bus got going again, the two girls began fighting again. instead of putting a stop to it, sanders allegedly pulled over to referee round number two. and sanders worked as a school bus driver for the past eight
7:16 am
months, but after being arrested charged with child abuse, she was soon fired. her first appearance will be in court this morning where we should see whether she'll plead guilty or fight the charges. >> i understand how this would infuriate those parents. >> the sheriff was remarkable. you rarely see -- >> come on, girl. >> yeah, you rarely see law enforcement talking like that. >> he could be the next dr. phil. all right, thanks, john. >> thanks, john. well, for those of you eating your morning cereal right now, you may want to put your spoon down for our next story. now, it's no surprise that more and more restaurants are adding exotic dishes to their menus these days. chefs all over the country are pushing the limit, but one place in florida is taking things to a whole new level and feeling the heat for their wild tacos. we sent abc's matt gutman to check it out. >> reporter: how could anything this good cause such an uproar? taco fusion, the pride of tampa, well, sort of, began offering tacos filled with fresh lion meat earlier this week. it hasn't exactly been a roaring
7:17 am
success. the offering is being mauled by some animal lovers mostly online. >> many of them are coming in to the establishment and throwing punches and things like that, they're going to bomb us, burn us down, blow us up, i mean just silly, ridiculous statements. >> reporter: but unflinched by that, barnett decided to sell even more lions, which is endangered but legal to sell and eat in the u.s. >> i just got a shipment yesterday of 50 more pounds of lion meat. >> reporter: there was only one thing for a reporter to do. so that's lion meat, huh? how much does this cost a pound? >> 220 bucks. >> reporter: which means each taco, 35 bucks. there's my lion going right into a small taco. and the moment of truth. the flavor is good, and i wasn't the only one, finding herds of folks on the hunt for some lion. >> came here because they were on the news with tacos that you normally wouldn't eat that you
7:18 am
don't hear of, so we wanted to come and try them out. >> reporter: they did. so what's the verdict? but lion isn't the main attraction. ostrich, otter and bison can all be found on the menu of this noah's ark of exotic cuisine where lions may be the kings of the jungle, but camels are the kings of the kitchen. >> so? >> reporter: camel meat down the hatch. mm-mm. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, tampa. >> he's a better man than me. i would not eat camel. definitely not lion. >> i think ostrich is as far as i'll go. >> really. >> yeah. >> also better than me. speaking of better, here's ginger zee with a look at the national forecast again this morning. hey, ginger. >> yes, you can pick up your spoons again, because this won't gross you out by any means. it might be a little bit scary for parts of texas, they had so much rain, look at the numbers, houston, that's at javy, had 2.65 inches.
7:19 am
beaumont, 5 1/2, and lake charles, almost 5 inches, the rain will keep going and going to keep moving to the east and so who's going to get it, and how much can you expect? right along the gulf coast here from mobile to tallahassee is where we're in that one plus range. might see flooding concerns there and more, of course, here in new york city, look at this live shot from wabc. it's a little stormy but not quite as bad as it was in some parts overnight, but we'll have on and off rain showers, scattered showers we'll call it throughout the day. and this is what you're going to expect here numberswise. it was such a beautiful day in the northeast yesterday but we interrupted it with the rain, 74, new york city, 75, philly, pittsburgh right there at 62. you see the cold front followed by another cold front and behind that it's cold. surprise, surprise. look how cold. real cold in rapid city at freezing. north platte is at 46, omaha, 48 so we're looking for a lot of cool weather there, but the warmth at least for today is out in the southwest, los angeles, 80. 72, san diego. 92, las vegas, and they'll see a little bit of a cooldown though going into the end of the week
7:20 am
>> so the hail was so thick in parts of texas, it looked like snow. and i have to show you this photo. this was taken by brian james. he's actually a chief meteorologist down at our affiliate down in amarillo where one of my old students works, by the way. after the rain coming out of a thunderstorm in missouri. so it's always good when you're driving to see that clearing. thanks so much for sending these
7:21 am
send more @ginger_zee. we'll go back to @biannagolodryga -- >> plugging away. >> we appreciate it. this morning we've got a fascinating look at the world from a very unusual viewpoint. >> take a look at this. researchers mounted cameras on bears to record their every move. the result, remarkable images of them touring towns in alaska and it turns out these guys aren't exactly picky eaters. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: 98% of america's brown bears live in alaska. most of them grizzly bears. the smallest adults are about the size of an nfl linebacker. they have sharp teeth, and they are omnivores. they eat everything. alaska also has a large number of black bears, who may look like teddy bears, but you wouldn't want to encounter them munching on your garbage. in anchorage it's enough of a problem that state wildlife officials wanted to understand what the bears do all day, so the alaska department of fish and game mounted time-lapsed
7:22 am
crittercams on half a dozen local bears, black bears and grizzlies to learn what the urban landscape looks like to them. the answer, an urban smorgasbord seen here from the bear's point of view. they learned bears like junk food including pizza but prefer wild food. for every hour they spend dumpster diving, they spend two hunting for dandelions, and they learned countermeasures work. bears avoid electric fences and other sorts of deterrents. watch this bear give the electrified fence a wide berth. not earth shattering news but interesting and relevant in other neighborhoods around the country where bears are known to go trolling for take-out and certainly fun to watch. >> get out right now. go! go! >> for "good morning america," david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> she is fearless. she was yelling at that bear like it was her kid. >> i suspect the bears would eat camel tacos.
7:23 am
just a guess. >> yeah. all right, coming up here on "gma," inside the crime scene. an exact replica of the room where jodi arias brutally murdered her ex-boyfriend. we're going to show you things the jury never saw. also ahead, a mother and child reunion. is paris jackson rebuilding a relationship with her birth mother, debbie rowe? and kate upton going vogue. how the hottest swimsuit model on earth ended up on the cover of the most prestigious fashion magazine in the world. keep it here. more "gma" after a quick break. ♪ this girl is on fire uick break. ♪ this girl is on fire [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at® you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes.
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♪ this girl is on fire yes, she is on fire. kate upton is arguably the hottest supermodel in the world right now. she's been on all kinds of magazine covers but now she's hit the top making the pages of "vogue." her critics say she doesn't have a body for high fashion and we'll tell you what she has to say to them. i think they are jealous, those critics. she looks phenomenal. >> you know, i don't know much about high fashion, but her body seems fine to me. ron, do you have any feelings on this? >> acceptable? >> i agree with you. >> yes. before my wife sends divorce papers to the studio, let me just carry on here and tell you what else we have coming up on this half hour on this saturday, may 11th. the latest twist in the long-running jackson family saga.
7:31 am
is paris jackson on the move now shifting her family ties? this morning new details about her reunion with her birth mother, debbie rowe. but we begin with the jodi arias trial. the convicted killer now waiting to learn her fate. the penalty phase in the trial begins wednesday. so many of us were captivated by the four-month trial filled with graphic details. >> so here's the question, what really happened the night travis alexander was killed? abc news re-created his home and "20/20's" elizabeth vargas walks us through the scene now. >> reporter: what happened between this photo, travis alive, staring intently at the camera, to this photo suddenly slumped in the shower. one minute and ten seconds that changed everything. dan abrams, legal analyst for abc news, makes the case for the prosecution. so she's taking photos of him and asks for one final picture where he's looking directly into the camera. at this some point the prosecution says she gets a knife and stabs him in the
7:32 am
chest. >> that's right. and that's when it starts, and he staggers to the sink, somehow gets here, trying to sort of balance himself. >> and at the same time she continues stabbing him according to the prosecution in the middle of his back. >> yes. >> the attack continues. >> the attack continues. he somehow continues to try to get away, and then around here right at the edge of the bedroom he collapses. >> and at this point she slits his throat, according to the prosecution, and we know this because there is a mass ive blood stain on the carpet in this location. >> and they believe that is what killed him. >> at this point she then decides to drag him back into the bathroom, and to balance herself, she puts her hand up on the wall and at that point leaves a bloody palm print. >> very important piece of evidence because that's what placed her at the scene definitively in addition to the photographs. >> and she manages to drag him all the way back into the bathroom, and this is where we find the shell casing.
7:33 am
>> so he was shot at some point in the bathroom. >> self-defense or premeditated cold-blooded murder? >> please stand for the jury. >> reporter: it took just 15 hours of deliberation for the jury to decide. >> we the jury duly impaneled and sworn do find the defendant guilty. >> reporter: as relatives wept and crowds cheered, arias looked into the eyes of the jury that will now decide whether she lives or dies. in an interview she granted with a local station, she says she would rather face death. >> i said years ago that i'd rather get death than life, and that still is true today. if i hurt travis, if i killed travis, i would beg for the death penalty. >> reporter: arias is now on suicide watch. she says she wishes she could take it all back. >> i have a million regrets. i wish that it was just a nightmare that i could wake up from. >> reporter: and for the relatives of travis, that's perhaps as close to an apology as jodi arias will ever come.
7:34 am
>> it's extraordinary to see the scene in the way in which elizabeth and dan walks us through it. >> the jurors weren't even privy to that. >> absolutely not. a lot of other breaks news and for that mr. ron claiborne. >> hi, dan and bianna. good morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news. the west wing of the white house was temporarily evacuated this morning when someone noticed smoke coming out of a closet. the fire department was called to the white house, but there was no fire, and the smell dissipated. there were no reports of injuries. and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling for an investigation into the irs. this after the agency apologized on friday for subjecting conservative political groups with words like tea party or patriots in their names to closer review. and two astronauts on the international space station are taking an unplanned space walk this morning. they are fixing the leaking cooling system. the leak was discovered thursday and the repair job quickly planned. nasa say the crew is not in any danger. and finally, a long forgotten resort town in argentina that was literally
7:35 am
underwater for 25 years is now becoming a tourist attraction again. the town was flooded by heavy rains, rainstorms and a series of wet winters back in 1985, but it recently dried out. time now for the weather. over to ginger zee. >> yeah, we're not talking dry weather here. in texas it wasn't just houston that saw flooding. look at this video out of castroville, texas. now, this is closer to san antonio. remember, a lot of places had more than 2 and up to a half foot of rain in just one day. look at those big fat drops on there. now, houston looking a lot more clear at least this morning, but you still have a chance of a scattered shower here or there, nothing like you saw yesterday. 84 will be your high. new orleans goes to 79. jackson at 78. most of the rain going to move off into the mid-atlantic and certainly the more severe thunderstorms going to be more of a mid-atlantic and southeast type thing. so into the carolinas there. but, remember, these scattered showers some places along the gulf coast could pick up somewhere around an inch of rain and you could see some local flooding quickly. tell you about. warm-up we have
7:36 am
here are the numbers for you. minneapolis goes to 90 by tuesday. from 55 today. can you believe that? look at rapid city, 63 to 93 on monday. st. louis even getting up to close to 90 by the time we approach that midweek. that is a look at the big picture. >> this weather report has been brought to you by thomas' english muffins. bianna and dan. >> one of the best parts of being friends with a meteorologist is while everybody is getting their local forecast, we get a specific neighborhood forecast from ginger zee. >> you're right. >> for the upper west side of manhattan. >> any time. >> we're going to have to have our lunch inside today because of the rain. we're having lunch today, ginger. >> i wasn't invited. coming up here on "good morning america," the latest drama in the jackson family. why is michael's daughter paris spending more time with her birth mother and what does the rest of the family have to say about this?
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♪ beat it beat it there's never a shortage of drama when it comes to michael jackson's family. since her father died, 15-year-old paris has made her share of headlines. the latest reports that she now plans to live with her birth mother, debbie rowe. >> ah, but not so fast. an attorney for matriarch katherine jackson tells "the new york daily news" it's simply not true and paris is happy where she is living with her grandmother. abc's brandi hitt has the story. ♪ you are not alone >> reporter: the late king of pop's daughter paris jackson isn't alone. she's been spotted spending time with a rather unlikely individual, her birth mom, debbie rowe. >> our sources tell us that paris as a teenager is going through some teenage issues and really wanted a mother figure around. >> reporter: michael jackson's daughter is now 15. paris and her brother prince michael along with their brother blanket from a
7:42 am
different mother have been watched over by their grandmother and guardian katherine jackson since their father's death in 2009. >> katherine jackson is a lovely lady, but she's 83 years old, and there's close to 70 years' age difference. >> reporter: paris has been growing up fast. shre daily mail and spread in " magazine. the two were seen looking at horses at a california ranch then having sushi. they even spent paris' birthday together. but why now? >> i think it's now only not surprising that a 15-year-old girl wants her mother. i think it's really healthy that she wants that influence in her life. >> reporter: rowe married jackson in 1996 and the couple had two children, prince and paris. later when they divorced, rowe reportedly gave up all her parental rights. >> allegedly debbie rowe got paid $8 million to go quietly into the sunset. >> reporter: she had visitation rights after jackson died but
7:43 am
hasn't exercised them until now. >> paris reached out to debbie and wanted to be in touch with her. >> reporter: perhaps a relationship is blossoming between paris and her mother. for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> nice she could bond with both her mom and her grandmother. >> yes, why not? and coming up here on the broadcast, the story that ron and i have been looking forward to all morning. is this a revolution in high fashion? who gave pinup girl kate upton the "vogue" seal of approval? keep it here for "pop news." ♪ this girl is on fire ♪
7:44 am
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♪ all right, time now for "pop news." our entertainment reporter and host of "on the red carpet," rachel smith, always we prefer when you're here with us in new york. >> right. i'm dancing solo in l.a.
7:48 am
i enjoy the techno music. right, exactly. to get stuff cooking, first up is the stunning kate upton proving critics wrong over going from swimsuits to high fashion gracing the cover of next month's "vogue." the curvy and controversial girl says there's parts of her body she can't change and doesn't care. i don't know what she would possibly change. she tells the magazine "i feel confident with myself and if that inspires other women to feel confident with their bodies, great." in addition to conquering couture, upton also wants to do more movies and design lingerie. the new issue of "vogue" hits newsstands may 21st. guys. >> listen to the haters. >> if i wear her stuff i'll totally buy it. >> right. >> and listen up, all you parents-to-be. if you're having trouble picking a name for your baby, well, here's a little advice for you. go short. a new study by online career sites ladders says people with shorter names on average earn
7:49 am
more money and it claims every additional letter means a drop of $3600 in annual salary. oh, my gosh. but there is good news if you do have one of those long names, using a shorter nickname can up your earnings potential, so, dan and ron, you guys are on the right track, but those with five letters in their names tend -- >> that's why i went from ronald to ron. >> that's why. >> and jake instead of jacob. >> if we have a son, i was thinking about naming him ronald claiborne harris. we'll see. >> too much. >> too much, guys. >> all right. well, miss mariah carey may have the song of the summer on her hands. the pop superstar has released a video for "beautiful" looking quite beautiful, i might add, and it is the lead single off her upcoming album. she teams up with miguel for the song's vocals, but the duo wrote and produced it and check out this chemistry on the video. i mean, well, first look at mariah. she's stunning. there's miguel in a really nice -- >> is nick cannon on set while this is happening? >> you know, i'm not sure.
7:50 am
i'm not sure, but it is very steamy. it's a great song too, i love it. >> it's like a rated "r," "pop news." >> it's risque, isn't it? >> wait till you see the next one. >> but this is actually carey's 13th studio album, and it's due out this summer and get this, guys, mariah kicks off the "gma" summer concert series on may 24th. can't wait. i will be front and center for that. i love mariah carey. and finally something else i love. quite possibly my favorite video ever in "pop news." the youtube sensation kid president has another viral hit on his hands. the hilarious 9-year-old robby novak has this adorable mother's day message. take a listen. >> you moms in the world, do you know how hard they work? without them i think everyone would be sick. from kids everywhere thanks for believing in us, putting up with us and standing up and loving us. mom, you keep us -- >> oh, love him. happy mother's day to all the moms out here. pretty awesome, moms, you're awesome, especially my lom, i
7:51 am
love you. >> and all of our moms. >> exactly. >> all right. >> that's all i got. >> no, that was a good "pop news." good stuff. >> and everything. >> everything. >> everything. >> exactly. it went from very racy to very wholesome. i like that actually. >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. >> how precious is he? >> we'll be right back. >> we'll be right back. >> how precious is he? the best yogurt they've ever tasted. and there are some people who haven't tasted it yet. delicious, nonfat, authentic greek strained yogurt. extraordinary fruit flavors. the fage total split cup. plain extraordinary." understated yet elegant, modern yet timeless- all with outstanding quality and complementary interior design service at irresistible prices. this is luxury made affordable. only at ethan allen.
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hey, before we go, a quick programming note. watch the nba on abc, the knicks take on the pacers in game three of their playoff series, coverage starts at 8:00 eastern. thank you for watching abc.
7:56 am
we always vote before we leave on what pictures are we going to leave you with. >> yes. >> two of us voted for kate upton. three of us voted for -- >> kid president. >> kid president. >> and take a look. we'll see you tomorrow. >> look at that. >> cute. good morning, i'm katie marzullo. construction workers at at&t park could soon walk off the job. they have called for a strike authorization vote today. nearly 800 employees for a company called center plate say they haven't had a raise in more than four years.
7:57 am
managers at at&t park says there will not be a disruption in service if there is a strike. >> graduation ceremonies begin at 10:00 and continue through next monday. some big name spikers are scheduled to address the graduates. eric holder will speak today at u.c. berkeley school of law. protestors are expected to greet him there. this is last year's commencement. next saturday steve wozniak will be the key speaker and then may 20th they get a keynote address from the governor brown. let's go to lisa argen. >> good morning to you. looking at the marine layer from sutro camera. marine layer will definitely erode quicker today that will allow warmer temperatures, 57 in oakland as well as san jose with 48 and a bit of visibility issues along the coast up to the north bay and central coast.
7:58 am
fog burns back westward and going to hang out at our beaches few high clouds around but wide raking temperatures will warm to near 90 and n inlandest bay. if you like today you will like tomorrow because temperatures will be on the warm side. here is a look for other parts of the bay when numbers will be in the 70s around san jose and we'll look for some patchy fog to linger today and tomorrow coastside. next on "abc 7 news" at 8:00 we continue to follow breaking news in contra costa county. the latest on a deadly police shooting in antioch. we'll have a live report. the america's cup tragedy on the bay, new information about what happened and the coastguard's happened and the coastguard's plans to let's play: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! our mystery guest: ensure complete... you support bones? [ ding! ] i've got calcium and vitamin d. oh! immune system. [ ding! ] one word: antioxidants. heart health? [ ding! ] my omega 3s never skip a beat.
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>> katie: very good morning. i'm katie marzullo. it's 8:00 a.m. on this saturday. let's start with a quick first look at the weather. here is lisa argen. good morning. good morning. you can see the fog behind you. as a result we are looking at half mile visibility, santa rosa three-quarters around santa rosa and around the coast two miles. in oakland, rest of the afternoon we're going to feature more sunshine and warmer temperatures. numbers today will be as much as 5-10 degrees warmer than yesterday. that will

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